Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Daily Thought of love

What is Love?  The answer is still unclear for me. To be honest i don't even know if i ever fall in love before,or just having crush on someone. I mean, how can you describe that you are in love? A butterfly in stomach ? The urge to meet her so much? I don't know,maybe..

For me myself,i think to actually love someone takes a lot of time. I don't say that i don't believe in love at first sight, if someone ever experience it and it went well then bless them. =)

Sure i know about unconditional love from God and how good He is. But about loving a girl? I know a lot and nothing at the same time. Till know i still haven't meet 'the one' (not that i complaining about that), to me, to finally love someone there are 3 stages.

- When i find someone interesting
 This is when i meet a girl who has attractive quality in her. If we actually talk (in many case i don't, cause i don't really talk to a random girl,it's just not my personality to be charming), we can turn out to be friend or acquaintance

- When i like someone 
 This is when i started to learn more about the girl, when i get to know her personality (both good and bad). If i find her personality cute (hopefully her face too), that, is when i start to like her. For some people (in my opinion), they just reach this stage and very pleased announcing that they are in love, i think this is probably what lead them to a break up. Cause in this stage, even shit can taste like chocolate. They just seeing what they want to see

- When i actually love someone
 This is the stage i never been before. This is when someone finally accept every flaw from her/his lover. it sound very easy? Believe me,it's not. I can't explain a lot about this last stage (stages i created from my imagination). But for me, loving someone is when you stay around through all theirs ups and down. When you want to wake up every morning and seeing that same face for your entire life and feel blessed that you have her by your side. When her happiness is the source of your happiness.

and that's how you know it.......