Tuesday, February 25, 2014

(Not Daily) Cute Girl #3

the 4th day.. 
just like usual, i met her, i greet her and she just smile back at me.....
Oh, i forgot to write that she is competing in Short Movie Making competition. So that day, i went to 'short movie making' place to see her video (video that contain me talking) and i learned that her video didn't make it to final round. and when i met her, instead of told her that her video didn't make it , i just told her that her video is too simple. After that i just found out that what i said kinda break her and her friends heart. But at least i make it up to them by taking her and all her friends to buy some traditional food. They are so funny.......

I met her and her friend again at night when i want to buy snack at mini market where i live (Me and her live in the same place,different building of course) and i learned from her friend that she doesn't have a boyfriend (Honestly i think that she already have a boyfriend).  After that she and her friend kinda help my friend (very complicated to tell a story without using name, just try to keep up) give a surprise to my friend's future girlfriend.
Then we talked until 1 AM....

the 5th day... 
my last job is on the 4th day, because even though the competition is still going on the 5th day (Final round), the Liaison officer in no longer needed. The final competition take place in a mall near our university. So on that day i went to that mall and buy her and her friends chocolates (because i know that they didn't make it to the final but i don't tell them). After the announcement of the video that make it to the final i saw her friend cry and kinda feel bad about it. Luckily they are strong girls and they just forget about that. 

After that,me and my friend take them to a some restaurant in the mall and i treat her a bowl of ramen noodles. I'm glad when she said she never eat any Japanese food beside sushi, that mean I'm the first person who introduced her to ramen noodles (yeay).

Because of a birthday party that i need to attend, i have to leave them so early, and i don't get to see her in the blue shirt (*sigh). Again,she look cute... (;p)

But i try my best to get back to where i live as fast as i could. When i finally met her, she give me a gift and a letter about how i am a nice person. She doesn't know that she is the one who being nice to me. Because i don't have anything to give her, i just give her my Liaison officer name-tag (which is important to me) for the remembrance of me. That night doesn't end well because of her Fat Teacher come and ask them to get back to their room .

About her teacher... Her teacher is not supportive teacher and not a fair human being because she won't let them go shopping but she go to shop alone (very obnoxious).

the 6th day... The day she return to her country...
That day is mostly just about saying good bye over and over again. But i do remember that i get a hug (again,yeay) from her. I follow the to the airport, but we don't even talk, i just glance at her awkwardly. How can we talk? her fat teacher is in the way... (--")

The other thing that i remember is she singing Colby Caillat song ' I do'.. 
and btw, She has a very good voice, the day before, i listen to voice notes of her singing some song and i don't lie, it really good 

I think that's all, there are some minor details that i left out,but it's okay...

so see you.......

isn't she cute?

(Not Daily) Cute Girl #2

I remember, on the 3rd day of AOE, i found my friends were talking to her and i joined their conversation. From that conversation, i learned a lot about her, how she can talk in 4 different language (maybe more??), and her birthday is in 24th June, and about her age and her dream to enter the flight school (awesome isn't it?).

Not so long after that conversation, when i just walking around, her friend 'R' ask me if she can take photos of me and that cute girl. That is the first time i have photos of her and me (just both of us).
When the night has come, i met her and her friend again in a coffee shop (such a coincidence,right?) and i offer myself to take them to Domino's Pizza. That's a funny story.

She and her friend are so afraid to cross the road because from where they come from, whenever someone want to cross the road, the driver will stop for them. Very different compare to my country where nobody would stop for you when you want to cross the road. Her friend always make a joke that they almost died just by crossing the road.

We talk quite a lot during that 'road trip' and when we arrived at our dorm, they give me chocolate lava cake.
How nice of them.....

(Not Daily) Cute Girl #1

So recently, my university hosted an international event called Asian English Olympic (AEO). It is a competition that allows participants  from all over Asia to compete to be the best in their field in Asia. There are 6 fields of competitions, which are Debate, Scrabble, News casting, Story-Telling, Speech, and Short Movie Making. All the winners from each fields will obtain points for their respective institution in order to win the Institutional Champion title.

But i'm not going to talk about the competition, I'm going to talk about me (= p). My friend told me about the liaison officer recruitment for this event and i decided to join it. Lucky enough, i was accepted as Liaison officer. This is the first time i applied for such a thing, and i choose the General Support (Thanks God i choose it). The AEO was held for 5 days and for 5 days we (Liaison officer and the committee) have to stand by at 5.00 AM in our university.

My job description on the D-day is hospitality and mobile. So basically my job is just to walk around the area and greet the participant and help the other liaison officer if they need a hand.

My very first job is hospitality, that mean i have to greet all the participants when they arrived at our university and take them to the registration tables. I have no experience in such thing, so i just smile and smile when the participants arrived. And in that very first time i saw this cute girl. I noticed her but i don't think i talked to her, i just greet her like greet the other because i have to take other participants. To be honest i thought that she comes from my country because she have that cute look,i have no idea that my neighbor country (where she actually come from) have a cute girl like her.

I remember the first time i talked to her, i was guarding the water spot because AEO provide water for the participants. I remember that she was charging her ipad near the water spot, and i offer her some candy which she take one (maybe because she afraid i would eat her if she don't take one). After that i think i start noticing her..

A day after that, i started to met her a lot , i mean (because my job description is to walk around) where ever i walk, i would eventually met  her (maybe she have nothing to do and always hang out in our food court). And every time i met her, i would greet her and said 'Hello...'