Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Daily Sweet Memory

That day.....
When the sun was preparing to shine.
When the air was freaking cold.
When the silence didn't seems to awkward.
When people was sleeping soundly.
The only thing i heard
was the sound of your breath

Both of us was sitting on the couch together
half asleep cause the day hasn't started yet
too awake to sleep,
just sitting there not knowing what to do
Covered in the blanket you brought that day.

The air was cold
and your hand as well
The moment when i touch your hand just to warm you,
i feel warmed too.
Try to close my eyes so i can cherish that moment
but always ended up looking at your face

Hoping the time could freeze
and the clock don't have to tick
Cause when the morning come,i already lose you
Can't hold your hand,can't hear your breath again

Well,although we just friend
because of the distant i couldn't break
That moment will be always become a sweet memory..

' The sweet memory between us 
                         that i'll always cherish.. '

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