Thursday, March 14, 2013

Daily Boyfriend's thing

For any boy who have a loveable girlfriend.

Even if she's always 10 minutes late,just smile and let it pass
When she doesn't even know how pretty she is
Remind her everyday

Don't ever hold in the words 'I love you.'
Be the first one to speak up when she pouts with anger.
And if she is hurts and sad
Just hold her close and never let her world fall apart

If sometimes she complains about stupid things
Always soothe her with a smile.
When you drop her off always turn around another time to look.

Treat her like a princess
Love her as if she's only 16
No longer a girl but not yet a woman
Don't even cross your mind about breaking her heart

Always do the best for her cause she is worth it
And if she tries to break up with you, be stubborn and hold onto her.

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